How To Grow Your Specialist Practice In The New Economy



Last year I was so impressed with John Cotton, CEO of Dental Team Performance, during our interview for one of the Dental Prosperity audio CDs that I asked him to join us in Monroe to discuss what turned out to be a very HOT topic, Growing Our Practices in the New Economy. We had one of our largest turn out events, some 60+ attendees including docs and staff. For those of you that didn’t attend (and also for those that did attend but may need a refresher); I wanted to go over the highlights of the meeting:

John surveyed over 1,000 dentists and found most want always want 5 things: More new patients, Less no-shows/cancellations, increased case acceptance, motivated staff, and increase in collections.

Some of John’s suggestions to help us attain the above 5 things are:

  1. Written Protocol- Have staff make a written protocol from the time a patient arrives at your office to the time that they leave. Staff input is a must and then a discussion can begin regarding how we can make a better patient experience. He harped on this point numerous times during the evening.
  2. Find your Key Production Drivers (usually 3-5). Such things as filling holes in the schedule, case acceptance to completion, new patient numbers, etc. Then incentivize/reward staff for each Driver that you want to see a positive change. Examples were shown how John’s company have helped several practices decreasing open appointments and the tremendous difference it can make in monthly collections.
  3. Case Completion- Again increasing this can have a major impact on the bottom line. The average case acceptance rate is 35-40%. Are you tracking this? (If not, fax us 318.998.2503 for your request to have our one page form sent over which will allow your staff to track your case acceptance.)
  4. There’s no BIG ONE THING that needs to be done. Small hinges swing large doors. Incremental changes in each of your key production drivers is the KEY to the KINGDOM.