What Disney Can Teach Us About Positioning as an Authority

It’s AMAZING just how fast our kids grow up.

Here are my boys eight years ago at 3 and 5 years of age:

Now that the boys are 13 and 11, we have only about 5-7 more years until they are out and on their own (unless they turn into boomerang kids!).

When they were much younger, like most parents, we focused on buying them stuff (things), especially for Christmas and birthdays.

With our time being so limited now, our main focus is spending on family EXPERIENCES, something that will last them a lifetime versus a few months.

Adventures by Disney

This Summer, we’ve decided to beat the oppressing Louisiana heat and head West. I love the mountains in the Winter but even more so in the Summer. Adventures by Disney is a travel group that provides families with unbelievable experiences with a Disney spin. They offer packages worldwide and this year we chose to travel with them to beautiful Yellowstone Montana.

What I want to do is show you their Value-Build version of a welcome package AKA “Shock & Awe” package so that you can:

  • Understand how important it is to position yourself differently than your competition
  • Welcome your guests in a BIG way
  • See how easy putting these together and automating them makes sense


Adventure by Disney’s Welcome Package

Shock & Awe The Disney Way

A couple weeks after booking the trip, the above box arrived in the mail. As I walk you through their package, I’m also going to explain how this applies to your specialist practice.

For you the specialist, the main goal of sending this type package out is to begin the trust-building relationship process.  And for those that are not committed initially to scheduling an appointment over the phone,  this package is sent out to increase the likelihood of them getting to know, like and trust you to possibly book an appointment.  It’s also a lead generating tool too.

These types of packages allow you to simply spend more money on potential patients than your competitors do. By out spending your competition, you’re much more likely to win that particular consumer over versus going the cheap route which many dentists/specialists do. Reread that sentence.

You’re not selling cheap procedures, and many of the potential patients that you’ll be attracting are going to be people with money. If someone has cable/satellite TV, a cell phone and drives up to your practice in an automobile, then they CAN afford your treatment recommendations.

You MUST let consumers know that you are DIFFERENT & these packages will do the trick. This is a GREAT way to highlight the difference to them between a specialist vs a generalist. You are DIFFERENT!

Don’t be a Commodity

Unfortunately, many of the marketing pieces that are coming from practices are focused solely on price. What this is doing is turning our industry into a commodity. If you’re not doing something now to position yourself differently than your competitors, you will be portrayed as nothing more than a commodity to the general public.

Listen, I know deep down in my heart that you have unique abilities that can really help your patients. You know that you are the best fit for a certain group of people or a certain niche out there. You just need to figure out a way of how to let that someone know about you. That great way is in the package.

The Package

Upon opening the box, I noticed a bag that was branded along with the inside cover of the box. I don’t want you to feel as if you have to go BIG with this type of marketing. Simply by sending out anything in the mail to your patients ahead of time is going to separate you from 98.5% of your competition.

Inside the bag, nice leather luggage tags were noted along with a personalized booklet letting us know the activities, locations and my favorite (the foods) we would be eating.

During our week long adventure, we stay in three different locations (one of which are tents – but don’t tell my wife!). Some of the activities that are offered are:

  • whitewater rafting
  • fly-fishing
  • horseback riding
  • hiking
  • hot springs tours
  • yellowstone wildlife tours
  • stagecoach adventures

One of the biggest fears of the largest growing segment of our population, baby boomers, is FEAR of the UNKNOWN. Sending out information to let your patients know what to expect during their first visit is a BIG relief to many of them. Make sure your package has this type of information in place.


Some people just aren’t ready to schedule but are shopping around for both prices and information. They would love to have information in their hands to go through so that that they can make a decision whether or not they want to work with you or not.

Think about this for a minute. If you send this type of package out for lead generation, I can assure you that you will be showing up like no one else in your community.

There’s very few dentists/specialists that are going to take the time, energy, and investment to put this package together. Remember, the more you can invest in and spend on acquiring a new patient, the more you will completely dominate your competitors.

Our Shock & Awe Package

Here’s a pic of the package that we send out:

I can’t even begin to tell you what it’s done to our practice in not only positioning us as THE Authority in the area but also with case acceptance.

Do you want to learn how to put one of these types of packages together + join many others with Authority Coaching?

Email: jeff@theauthoritypractice.com

Coaching spots are extremely limited.

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