Dental Marketing Strategies To Help You Become An Authority Specialist

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More and more dentists and specialists want to become THE Authority in their area. Usually it involves dental implants. When someone says the words, “dental implants,” does your name come up in the conversation? If not, why? Do you really know what it takes to do dental marketing in a way that makes you the expert? If not, it’s time to learn once and for all.

Get People To Flock To You

Let me give you a quick analogy.

Let’s say you’re at a party. While talking to another dental colleague, he begins to tell you how his practice has been tanking for the past two years and doesn’t have a clue what to do to turn it around. All of the sudden, the guy standing behind says, “I don’t mean to pry, but I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation. Did you say you’re having trouble at your dental practice? Well good news! I’m a dental sales help professional marketing SEO expert, yada yada yada.”

What do you think your reaction is going to be? Salesman….run!

Alright, let’s take that same situation and play it out differently. After your colleague tells you about his failing practice, you say to him, “Karl, I’m sorry to hear about that. I know exactly how you feel as I was having problems a few years ago too. Do you know who Dr. HelpMyPractice is? He’s the guy standing over by the punch bowl and he saved my practice. Maybe he can help you too.”

Now, do you think your friend is going to run from OR flock towards him? It’s all in the way the whole situation played out.

Your dental marketing strategy should involve a large vision focused on creating and raising your status. Truth be told, by and large, money moves to status. It’s vital to find pathways to status in your dental practice especially within your target market.

There are a number of pathways to this but for our purposes, we’re going to focus on three.

3 Pathways To Boosting Your Status

1) Authorship

I get several emails each day from other specialists/dentists that have found me through some of my books on Amazon such as:

Each year, our practice attracts new patients more and more from our books we’ve written specifically to help answer the most frequently asked questions about dental surgery:

We teach a specific strategy on implementing this once my private clients decide on boosting their potential patient numbers.

If you come to understand that:

(a) your specific procedures you offer are not your practice and that

(b) you are in the status business

then it will be much easier for you to accept the idea that in this day and age, you must publish for personal profit or risk loss of revenue.

If you are interested on becoming a published author, all without having to write your own book, click HERE.

2) Association

The first factor we just discussed, authorship, can greatly aid in getting the second (association) because it gives you status with those who already have status, so that they are more willing to recommend you to others.

For example, if you want to be the #1 Implant Dentist, feature stories about prominent people in your area or high-status patients you’ve treated in the past. This is called forced association.

Trust me, anytime I feature someone in a book, newsletter, or interview, they are MORE than willing to turn around and help promote me as well. It’s one of the 7 psychological principles Dr. Robert Cialdini teaches in his fantastic book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

3) Media

There are so many different types of media out there today to help you grow your practice, attract new patients and raise your status:

  • google search
  • facebook ads
  • pay per click
  • content marketing
  • social media
  • reviews online
  • search results
  • email marketing
  • print
  • TV
  • radio

I got off the phone just this morning with a private client that wants to boost her dental implant presence. She’s had great success in the past with radio advertising. I mentioned to her about how we could use this to her advantage by creating a campaign for in-house implant presentations within her practice. We have had great success with these and both radio and newspaper advertising as worked best in driving traffic to them.

Media + status go together like PB & J.

Don’t Become a Commodity

Dental and Dental Specialist practices are, unfortunately, succumbing to the pressures of big box dentistry. Everyone wants to compete on the lowest price which is NOT good for anyone. The three pathways we discussed today will get you started on the right path to elevating your status and becoming an authority.

Want to start off the New Year on the right track?

Email me at to book a 15 minute 2019 strategy session. We’ll quickly create your status-pathway to start the new year right.



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