3 Top Dental Implant Marketing Ideas For Specialists

We all want MORE dental implant marketing ideas, right?


Implant patient attraction seems to be the HOT TOPIC in dentistry. Everybody wants more implant patients… including our general dentistry colleagues.

Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock & don’t know about what’s around the corner, let me fill you in on a little something…

The Calm Before the Storm

Here’s the deal:

  • Average amount of dental student loan debt = $287,000+
  • Implant CE Courses are being marketed by implant companies targeting GPs (Ex: Take this ABC 3-Day Implant Course and you can tackle 90% of ALL implant cases!)
  • More GP student loan debt = less chance of referring out cases (put yourself in their shoes, if you are in debt and have a difficult extraction in your chair with an empty waiting room, wouldn’t you give it a try?)
  • Increase in the amount of “Traveling Specialists”

These are only a handful of reasons WHY the GP/Specialist model is slowly dying and how important it is to start to do something about this NOW before your practice dies too.

What’s a Specialist To Do?

Let me break this down as simple as possible for you. Look, I’m from Louisiana & I like things simple.

3 Ways to Attract More Implant Patients Than You Can Imagine

I’m NOT kidding about that last statement. If you only focus on JUST the first two items on the list below, you’ll have more implants than you know what to do.

A. Lead Attraction

B. Conversion

C. Larger Transactions

I told you this was going to be easy. Let’s break each of these down.

A. Lead Attraction – This is the #1 item to always keep your eye on. Unfortunately, most of us have NO clue how many leads are contacting our practices each day via email, phone, social media, web, etc. Do you? Probably not? Honesty, if you ONLY focus on this one area, I guarantee you will DOMINATE your town.

Research shows that ONLY 1-3% of consumers that hit your website are ready to either buy or schedule an appointment NOW. Well, what about the other 97-99%? What happens with them?

This is where I want to push <pause> for a sec.

Robert Collier Principle

I want to point out 2 major points that are going on with consumers and how the great marketer Robert Collier can help out.

He said to, “Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.” In other words, what problem is your prospective patients walking around thinking about getting fixed?

2 Major Points

  1. There’s a PROBLEM that they have and don’t want.
  2. There’s RESULT that they want but don’t have.

Before you let any type of marketing go out the door, make sure it addresses either one or both of the above.

Average Website

Are you like most specialists and put every type of procedure you do under the sun on your site and confuse the you know what out of people?

Let me give you a real world example.

BTW: This is the EXACT way we drive implant leads to our private clients’ practices, so pay attention.

Lead Generation Funnel:

Let’s say someone is interested in getting a tooth replaced with an implant. They want more info so they go online and “Google” dental implants. Next, they click on a Google Pay Per Click Ad – which then takes them to a separate Landing Page.

Most docs that run any type of online ad will drive them to their MAIN WEBSITE. Don’t let marketing companies do it this way. Big Mistake!!


Because people only have the attention span of about 8-9 seconds. If you get them to click through your ad that addresses replacing a tooth with an implant and instead of a landing page, you dump them on your home page, what usually happens?


Now they have to try to sort through the enormous amount of info on your home page and after 8 seconds…POOF! They gone! Now you’re out not only the potential patient but also the $$ on the click through cost of the ad.

Online Ad

Your ad should only focus on the problem they have and don’t want and/or the solution they want but don’t have. Once you get them onto your landing page, give them something for FREE to get their contact info. This is usually in the form of a Lead Magnet. Some examples are:

  • Free Report
  • E-book
  • Checklist
  • Bonus

Lead Magnet

The easiest way to create your lead magnet is to again enter the conversation already taking place in their mind. What are some of the questions they are asking both you and your staff each day?

  • “How much do implants cost?”
  • “Does it hurt?’
  • “When can I eat solid foods again?
  • “Does my insurance pay for everything”  (Yeah right!)
  • “When can I go back to work?”
  • “When can I start dipping again?” (a Louisiana thang!)

Slap this into a Microsoft Word or Google Doc and congratulations, you’ve just created a lead magnet.

B. Conversion

Now that we know how to correctly generate leads, how do we convert them to scheduled patients? Have you given your team the proper training to convert these leads?

I talked to a private client recently and he asked me, “Jeff, what should my staff tell people that call and ask about how much something costs?” If he didn’t know then his team certainly isn’t going to know either.

Note: If you want help with team training on conversion skills, email me jeff@theauthoritypractice.com.


If someone calls and asks, “How much do you charge for an implant?” Do you know how your team is answering this? Do you record and listen to your calls? This is the ONLY way to 100% know what’s being asked during initial calls. You must listen to call recordings at least initially while you are training them. Trust me, they’ll tell you everything is going great on the calls and then the recording tells a different story.

The #1 problem most of our client’s team members are facing is lack of CONTROL. In other words, they are letting the prospect control the call instead of the other way around. The person controlling the call has the power. Take a courtroom situation. Who’s in control the person on the witness stand or the attorney? Attorney, right? Why? Because they are the ones ASKING QUESTIONS.

Most staff will answer the “price” question by stating, “We can’t give out fees over the phone. You need to come in and let the doctor look at you, blah,blah,blah.” How many times do you think they hear that response?

You must take CONTROL and find out the REAL reason of the call. The reason they are calling is remember….trying to get rid of a PROBLEM they have or get a RESULT they want.

If your staff is the one answering questions and NOT asking them, how will they ever find out the real reason they are calling?

They’re NOT.

That my friends is the secret to literally doubling the amount of people calling your practice and NOT scheduling. Think about that. For spending $0 marketing dollars, you can increase your patient flow by 2 fold.


Now you know where to start to bullet proof your practice to get ready for the storm that’s a brewing.

Focus on:

A. Lead Attraction

B. Conversion


Are you killing it online?

Are you getting 8 or more patients per month from the web?

If not and you’re interested in knowing how, email me at jeff@theauthoritypractice.com







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