How Patient Trust Building Relationships Built Early On, Leads to a Huge Boost in Case Acceptance

Let me ask you a question. Do you currently incorporate patient trust building tactics within your specialist practice? Why not?

Do you think it’s easier for a business, company, or practice to sell their products/services to a consumer the first or second encounter?

Consider this example. For those of you that know me, it would be safe to say that I’m not big on getting dressed up. Wearing a suit to funerals and weddings about kill me. I like to be comfortable and my clothing attire shows it. Let’s pretend I need to break down and purchase a sports coat for an upcoming lecture. I decide on a local haberdashery that I’ve never visited and give the “I’m just looking” line to the salesman upon entering. After several minutes of searching and trying on coats, I decide to purchase.

As I near the counter, the staff then go out of their way to quiz me on why I’m buying this. When told that it’s for an upcoming  meeting I’m presenting at, they begin showing me other coats that are better suited for this (more comfortable and stylish) and come to find out are less pricier. By listening to my needs they were able to come up with better solutions, even if they made them less money.

Fast forward six months later.

I’ve already established a relationship with this place of business (first encounter). I was shocked that they made a follow up call after my meeting to see how things went. They also put me on their monthly newsletter list which is mailed (not emailed) discussing the latest fashion trends and specials they have for their current consumers.

Let’s revisit the original question:

Do you think it’s easier for a business, company, or practice to sell their products/services to a consumer the first or second encounter?

After reading this story, hopefully you realize that it’s much easier to sell to a consumer (patient) during the second and future encounters.


Look at what this haberdashery smartly did to differentiatebuild valueinstill trust, and start a relationship with yours truly.

  • They did not allow me to purchase without first addressing my need for the coat. (Addressed chief complaint/need)
  • Began building a trust-based relationship with me via a printed (not emailed) newsletter. They smartly stay on top of my mind so if I needed to make another men’s wear purchase, more than likely they would be my choice.
  • Made a follow-up call after my presentation (which is why I purchased the coat) which is virtually unheard of. Out of all the things this place of business did right, the call was the biggest differentiating factor. When was the last time someone called you after you purchased from them just to see how things were going? Rarely happens.


Now, I told you all of this in detail to make this point. Most consultants/marketers hammer us dentists about focusing on doing everything we can to attract more new patients, more new patients and more new patients.

Don’t believe me.

Check your mail or inbox daily.

Rarely do they discuss spending money to keep the patients we ALREADY have happy and satisfied. Follow up phone calls post treatment or after a new patient visits, occasional balloons or flowers after treatment, newsletters, mail outs, etc are nothing that we haven’t heard of but so few of this are doing these things.

*Remember, patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

If we know that it’s easier for a dental practice to sell their services to a consumer after first establishing a relationship, why are we not focusing on this more? Patient trust building should be on top of your mind everyday when you enter the office. It’s something that you can easily use as a topic during your weekly staff meetings. Have the team go around the table and write down one thing the practice is currently doing to help with patient trust building. Once you have your answers, make sure everyone knows who to implement them, add new ones occasionally and remember the most important part if you want ANY new system put into place……….You must Role Play!

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