Authority Marketing for Dental Implants: Targeting Seniors with Authority

In my last post on marketing implants to seniors, I outlined the reasons that seniors are the ideal target market for your specialty practice. I suggested you target your marketing campaigns specifically to seniors with complex medical conditions that make them especially prone to slower healing and more complications. And I suggested you create your campaign so that it appealed … Read More

Marketing Dental Implants to Seniors: Why the Baby Boomers Need You

Periodontists and Oral Surgeons are notoriously bad marketers.  As a rule, our profession seems to favor the generic. Most dental websites are clones of each other. You just swap your photo in, and voila! Everyone advertises their free consultations.  Most practices have one generic advertisement that they use over and over again, expecting it to appeal to young professionals, parents, and … Read More

3 Secrets On How To Make More Money in Dentistry As a Specialist

It ain’t easy being rich. Don’t believe me? Well just ask anybody that’s rich. Unfortunately, most specialists SHOULD be rich (wealthy) but aren’t. Why? That’s would I’d like to get into today. I read 3-5 business, marketing or finance books a month. I went through the last 6 months of books on money and finances to put together this list … Read More

4 Essential Tips To Answer Phone Calls In A Dental Office

You’ve heard it said before, if you do not know how to answer phone calls in a dental office, you could potentially be losing thousands and thousands of dollars a month in potential collection. Most of the specialists that I consult with throughout the year typically think there’s nothing wrong with their phones. They should think again. Let me tell … Read More

How To Boost Referrals from Dentists with the Pinhole Surgical Technique

Do you want boost referrals from general dentists AND from the public at the same time? Great! What specialist doesn’t? If you read my previous blog post, I mentioned that I had just arrived in L.A. to attend Dr. John Chao’s highly marketed “Pinhole Surgical Technique” course to give patients with gingival recession another option. I’d like to share with you … Read More

Dr. Chao’s Pinhole Technique Courses for Gum Recession

If you read any dental journal over the past two years or frequent the many dental forums such as DentalTown, I’m sure you’ve run across the Pinhole Technique Courses for gingival recession that allows dentists to cover roots while using minimal effort with No sutures and No cutting. Sounds pretty awesome right? As a periodontist and coach to many other specialists, I … Read More

The BEST Way To Get Dental Patients To Say YES!

Is there a secret to answering the question, “How to get more dental patients to say YES to the treatment we recommend?” Let me first ask you a question. Has this scenario ever played out in your office? You spend almost an hour tirelessly educating a patient about their dental needs such as: removing their remaining jacked up teeth and … Read More

7 Best Dental Implant Marketing Secrets That You Need To Know

 What are the best treatments dental specialists can provide to patients to replace their teeth in the most natural way? You guessed it, dental implants. Unfortunately, many people out there who can benefit from them, are not even aware that they exist. Today’s post is going to discuss what I feel has been The 7 Best Dental Implant Marketing Secrets For … Read More

Top Dental Implant Marketing….A Change Is A Coming….Be Prepared When It Hits!

I had a conversation with an endodontist this week that fits with what most dental specialists are facing now…”Why is my practice so slow?” Too bad he wasn’t doing any top dental implant marketing that we’ve been doing. His dental referrals were down by over 25% this quarter. OUCH! Instead of performing 4-5 root canal treatments per day, he was down … Read More

What The Dollar Shave Club Can Teach The Dental Specialist

I recently joined the Dollar Shave Club to not only experience how their membership works from a learning perspective but also to get away from paying $40 for a pack of razors each month. The concept is cool: A new member chooses one of three blades offered {$1.00 (good), $6.00 (better) or $9.00 (best)} a month. Shipping is included with … Read More