Why Adding a Video Walkthrough Improves Your Periodontal Website Customer Experience

  As a specialist, how often do you think about Customer Experience?  There’s more competition for your patients than ever before. General dentists are less likely to give referrals, and patients have an entire internet’s worth of information within easy reach at all times.  Dentistry’s treated like a commodity, so you can’t compete on price. Patients can’t really judge the … Read More

5 Scheduling Tips For Periodontists

How did everyone get our election so wrong, including me? I thought there was NO way a candidate that was apparently so hated in the news and media world could get elected. Nobody gave “The Donald” a chance. With our nation becoming more and more of an “entitlement” nation, how could we elect someone that actually wanted to promote people … Read More

3 Simple Ghoulish Disney Customer Service Strategies

Oh the magic of Disney. Each year we embark to the “Happiest Place on Earth”, typically during Halloween month. You probably know this about me but I feel that the Walk Disney World Company is one of the BEST companies to emulate all-around for a better practice. Heck, you don’t even have to go there to learn. Studying from afar … Read More

Create Ideal Periodontal Patients before They Walk Through Your Door

Have you read any science fiction books or seen any sci/fi movies? There’s always a lot of talk about ‘First Contact.’ In fiction, the first contact with an alien race is a pivotal moment. Those first exchanges, whether in person or by radio, set the tone for the whole relationship. A bad first contact sets up an epic of warfare … Read More

Differentiate Your Specialty Practice and Increase Conversion Rates Part 2

  In my last post, I explained why you lose when you try to market periodontal services based on price. Your patients aren’t looking for dental surgery done on the cheap. If they were, they wouldn’t be researching your specialty practice in the first place. What prospective patients want is surgery done well. Set Patient Minds at Ease Surgery is … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Market Periodontal Services Based on Price Part 1

  What’s one of the biggest mistakes I see my colleagues make when they try to market periodontal services? They focus on the price of those services. They advertise that their prices available in the community. They’re thinking like a consumer, not a patient. Consumers, Patients, and the Danger of Commodities It’s true, your prospective patients are ‘consumers of dental … Read More

Are You Losing Sales By Giving Patients Too Many Choices?

Are you losing sales?

Are you losing sales by giving patients and prospective patients too many choices? Most specialists are.  Let’s dig into this a little bit deeper shall we? The average consumer comes across 6-7,000 marketing messages per day. How can that be? I explained this once to one of my coaching clients and he couldn’t quite grasp it. So I started identifying when … Read More

5 Ways to Become a Local Celebrity Periodontist and Increase Your Patient Base

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase ‘celebrity periodontist?’ Do you imagine a dentist to the stars, working in Los Angeles and cleaning the teeth of Oscar winners as he sips champagne? Maybe you imagine someone with her own reality television show, reaching an audience of millions every week. Or maybe, you’re not sure what a celebrity periodontist … Read More

Beyond Swag: Using Content to Market Your Periodontal Practice

They flood your mailbox before every holiday season. The requests for donations from seemingly random charities. Sure, you can probably chip in a few dollars for the children’s hospital, but why are you getting mail from this random boys’ school in Chicago? Why did anyone think you’d want to make an end-of-the-year donation to a frog rescue organization in Belize? … Read More