How to Restore a Broken Referring Doctor Relationship

How to restore broken referral relationship

How many times have you looked at your Referral Report, and asked yourself why a dentist stopped referring all of the sudden? This happens to all of us, including myself. You immediately start thinking about the last patient that they sent you… Did I screw up the case? Was the patient upset when they left? Did my staff tick them … Read More

The 3 Things Specialists Should Do When a New Dentist Moves to Town

What do most specialists do when they hear that a new dentist starts a new practice in their area? Typically, it’s like vultures moving into the recent kill, right? It seems like every specialist is vying to take them to lunch/dinner first before others. How do you think this makes them feel? In this video, I’m going to discuss the … Read More

Will You End the Year Strong?

Finish The Year Strong!

What are you doing to fill your schedule as the year’s end draws near? Unfortunately, for most, NOT much. Typically, most of us tend to start to slow down the end of the year. Why? A couple of reasons: 1. Consumers aren’t thinking about their teeth during the holidays. (No surprise there. They’re focused on Santa!) 2. Referring dentists typically … Read More

How to STOP the Price Resistance Cycle

How to Stop Price Resistance

Hey Dr. Jeff, “It seems like everybody that comes into our practice is ONLY concerned with how much something costs!” This statement is a recurring theme for many specialists & typically boils down to this…it stems from patients being SKEPTICAL and having ANXIETY. If consumers don’t know you or are not confident what to expect from you then yes, you … Read More

New Patient Conversion Secrets From a Local Church

New Visitor Experience Our family visited a new church recently.  Before we left, my wife filled out and handed in one of those “New Visitor” forms. Think about it. How many times have you filled something out at a local business (or church) and nothing has happened? Happens all the time, right? Well, this time it was different and today’s … Read More

3 Reasons Why Your Dental Referrals Are Dropping Like a Bomb

Are your referrals dropping like most specialists are? Were you at the Boston AAP meeting? It was a great venue with fantastic food and even better weather….but (there’s always a but!) I have a confession to make. It seems that I came away learning MORE from a handful of hard working private practitioners than any of the courses I attended. … Read More

3 Keys To Networking with Referring Dentists

Hey guys, Over 50% of periodontists continue to get the majority of their patients from other dentists (although that number is shrinking by the minute). So, in today’s video, I discuss something that continues to be extremely important to the majority of us and that is dental referrals. Be sure to listen for the 3 ways that our office stays … Read More

Crappy Customer Service Experience From the Beach

Beach customer service lesson

Hey guys, Our family took a last minute beach trip with the kids and their friends last weekend before school started this week (Yes!). Anyway, we returned to our usual condo that we rent in Orange Beach, AL. Unfortunately, I am beginning to see what happens to successful businesses, and that’s a BIG break down in the customer service department. … Read More

3 Lessons I Learned From a Local McDonald’s Franchise Owner

In this week’s Perio Success Academy’s short, 3 minute video…I let you in on 3 lessons (or actually mistakes) I recently learned in my own perio practice from a patient that happened to be a McDonald’s franchise owner. You can easily take these 3 lessons and incorporate them into your specialist practice as quickly as today. Thanks for watching and … Read More