The Follow-Up Fortune Blueprint

Authority Blueprint

Your Fortune Is In The Follow-Up Most specialists that I speak with about their practice (during the initial 10 min. Strategy Session), typically tell me that they need one thing the MOST – New Patients. Yes, we all would love more new patients, right? Who wouldn’t? But typically, as we dive into their situation a little deeper, the same common … Read More

Most Frequently Asked Questions About New Patient Attraction

I get, at a minimum, a dozen emails a week from specialists asking about how to attract more new patients other than relying on GPs. So I thought I’d discuss one of the quickest and cheapest ways that we can do this ASAP. I don’t get it! Why are my new patients numbers down!?!? This is probably the number one … Read More

How To Find Your Pathway To Premium Pricing

Happy New Year everybody. Our family recently returned from a fantastic ski vacation in Beaver Creek Colorado where I was also able to meet personally with client/periodontist Dr. Ryan Jenkins of Littleton, CO.  He was having the same issues that many of us face: a drop in GP referrals, and wanting to know what to do to replace the losses. … Read More

How to Market Your Specialist Practice Instead of Wining & Dining Dentists

Donations Please They flood your mailbox before every holiday season. The requests for donations from seemingly random charities. Sure, you can probably chip in a few dollars for the children’s hospital, but why are you getting mail from this random boys’ school in Chicago? Why did anyone think you’d want to make an end-of-the-year donation to a frog rescue organization … Read More

3 Things I Want For All Dental Specialists

3 Things I Want For All Dental Specialists

3 Things I Want For You It’s Christmas time, and people are thinking about what these days? Gifts, right? In today’s post, I want to talk to you about the three things I want for you (specialists). Think of it as an early Christmas present – one that you get to open without getting into trouble!   Now I know … Read More

Do You REALLY Think Reviews Can Make a Difference? (Case report)

Online Reviews

Do you think online reviews REALLY matter?  Here’s a story from just this morning about how what other people say about you can make a HUGE difference. Case Report A 54 year old male was seen today for options for his teeth (what few he had remaining). He had only 3 root tips in the upper arch and #20-27 were … Read More

Referring Doctor Dilemma

Referring Dentist Dilemma

What Would You Do? I sent out an email recently sharing my experience I had with a patient I had acquired from the internet. She needed a restorative dentist involved to help assist with the case. We referred her to a local GP and now he is doing the ENTIRE case. Here’s a quick review of the situation: Last month … Read More

How to Restore a Broken Referring Doctor Relationship

How to restore broken referral relationship

How many times have you looked at your Referral Report, and asked yourself why a dentist stopped referring all of the sudden? This happens to all of us, including myself. You immediately start thinking about the last patient that they sent you… Did I screw up the case? Was the patient upset when they left? Did my staff tick them … Read More

The 3 Things Specialists Should Do When a New Dentist Moves to Town

What do most specialists do when they hear that a new dentist starts a new practice in their area? Typically, it’s like vultures moving into the recent kill, right? It seems like every specialist is vying to take them to lunch/dinner first before others. How do you think this makes them feel? In this video, I’m going to discuss the … Read More

Will You End the Year Strong?

Finish The Year Strong!

What are you doing to fill your schedule as the year’s end draws near? Unfortunately, for most, NOT much. Typically, most of us tend to start to slow down the end of the year. Why? A couple of reasons: 1. Consumers aren’t thinking about their teeth during the holidays. (No surprise there. They’re focused on Santa!) 2. Referring dentists typically … Read More