3 FREE New Patient Attraction Steps For Dental Specialists

New Patient Attraction for Specialists Before we get into techniques for new patient attraction for the dental specialist, I’d like to talk to you about fishing. I don’t know about you, but I love to bass fish. My uncle, who recently retired from dentistry at the age of 61, introduced me to it when I was about 11 or 12 … Read More

One Unlikely Source For New Patients

Let me ask you a question. Do you currently incorporate patient trust building tactics within your specialist practice? If not, keep reading. Do you think it’s easier for a business, company, or practice to sell their products/services to a consumer the first or second encounter? Consider this example: For those of you that know me, it would be safe to … Read More

What Disney Can Teach Us About Positioning as an Authority

It’s AMAZING just how fast our kids grow up. Here are my boys eight years ago at 3 and 5 years of age: Now that the boys are 13 and 11, we have only about 5-7 more years until they are out and on their own (unless they turn into boomerang kids!). When they were much younger, like most parents, … Read More

The 9 Principles to Be a Leader and Change People

Leadership. I struggle with this quite often with my kiddos. Being the “leader” dad this day and age is downright tough. It seems that the world tells them one thing, and I try to tell them something else. World: You NEED to be on Snaphat Dad: I don’t think so…. Dale Carnegie I know this for a fact. MOST successful … Read More

What Does Your Staff Do When You Are NOT There?

What does your staff do when you’re NOT there? Better yet, what do they do when you ARE there? My Staff Would NEVER Do That I’ll never forget this story. Roughly thirteen years ago, I attended a meeting for periodontists held in New Orleans. Jay Geier of the Scheduling Institute was the keynote speaker. This was back when his ego … Read More

The #1 Reason Why Your Dental Referrals Are Drying Up

Up until I started dental school in 1996 (yes I’m old), I had NEVER carried any type of debt. Owning a lawn care service in high school and college helped me to always keep money in my pocket and to steer clear of credit cards. I distinctly remember one weekend pulling up to an ATM with my friends in high … Read More

Top 3 Mistakes Specialists Make With Their Website

Website Help “I’m paying a lot of money every month for a website & dental marketing, but NEVER seem to get any patients from it. What do I need to do about it?” Do you feel the same way? This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I get from specialists that are tired of paying monthly to … Read More

3 Top Dental Implant Marketing Ideas For Specialists

We all want MORE dental implant marketing ideas, right? Confusion Implant patient attraction seems to be the HOT TOPIC in dentistry. Everybody wants more implant patients… including our general dentistry colleagues. Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock & don’t know about what’s around the corner, let me fill you in on a little something… The Calm Before … Read More

5 Types of Referring Dentists…and Which to Avoid

I talk to specialists everyday from ALL over the country. One thing that continues to stand out is the commonalities of each referral model. Specifically referrals from dentists. Referral Pattern Stats More than 70% of specialists continue to receive >50% of their patients from dentists. Do you fit in this category? But Shouldn’t We Abandon Dentists? I tell my kids all … Read More

The Art of Following Up…Part 2 (Q & A)

Patient Follow Up Secrets

Last week’s article regarding developing a “patient follow up” system sparked a lot interest in the form of both comments and private emails. Due to this high amount of interest, I thought it’s be best to take one of the questions that was asked by Dr. Michael Pawlus, periodontist from sunny Sarasota, Fl and answer it in the video below. … Read More