Dental Marketing Strategies To Help You Become An Authority Specialist

dental marketing

More and more dentists and specialists want to become THE Authority in their area. Usually it involves dental implants. When someone says the words, “dental implants,” does your name come up in the conversation? If not, why? Do you really know what it takes to do dental marketing in a way that makes you the expert? If not, it’s time … Read More

Periodontist Marketing 101 – Is Your Practice Poised For Growth?

periodontist marketing

The AAP annual meeting in Vancouver was amazing. The weather ummm….not so much, but the conference, speakers and attendees were fantastic. As usual, 98% of the courses offered were clinically based. The remaining 2% had to do with practice management and periodontist marketing strategies. Those handful of courses were completely SOLD OUT. Hopefully the AAP will realize what type of … Read More

Top Dental Receptionist Phone Training Skills Every Office Must Know

dental office phone training

Here’s a fascinating fact from a study a colleague recently sent me: One-fourth of inbound phone calls to dental offices go unanswered. Twenty five percent of callers wait ‘n wait ‘n wait, then give up. To be honest with you, before we implemented some type of dental receptionist phone training, our numbers were above the average (yes!). We were hovering … Read More

6 Ways Dental Staff Can Answer the Question – “Do You Take My Insurance”?

do you take my dental insurance

Most consumers that are interested in our dental services typically don’t know what questions to ask. They’re mainly concerned with price, pain and time commitment. One of the typical questions they call asking is, “Do you take my insurance?” Another is, “How much does X cost?” Too many specialists are concerned with getting more new patients these days from non-dental … Read More

Dental Front Office Training

Dental Front Office Training

I’ll admit. When I first started out in practice, I had a bad attitude about price. I hired a reputable group to help with dental front office training. Specifically on how to answer the phone correctly to convert leads into scheduled patients. We needed a boost in new patient numbers and this group claimed that they could help. At that … Read More

3 Ways Specialists Can Get Dental Referrals From Physicians

dental referrals from physicians

Where do most of your referrals come from? Dentists? Hygienists? Current patients? Hopefully all three. Most specialists, including myself, for years have focused marketing for new patients on general dentist offices. Now that we know that model is dying like yellow page advertising, it’s time to look to other sources. The go to source for our practice is now online. … Read More

10 Steps to Creating the #1 Dental Implant Marketing Strategy For Specialists

Wouldn’t it be great to get more people asking for dental implants? Yeah, we love the cases dentists are already referring to us but unfortunately those cases are slowly going away. I want you to continue networking with dentists to get cases (I’ll expand on that in an upcoming post), but I also want to open your eyes to something … Read More

#1 Way To Start Attracting New Patients to Your Dental Specialist Practice

Attracting new patients to your dental specialist practice is tough these days. I get it. As a periodontist, I’ve seen our referrals go from 95% via dentists three years ago down to 60%. It’s gotten so bad that the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) reached out to me to give a 4 hour workshop on this exact topic at their … Read More