About Jeff Anzalone

Who is Jeff?

My name is Jeff Anzalone. I’m a periodontist, family man, and love spending time with my boys outdoors.

I have a fantastic and beautiful wife, 2 lively young boys, and 1 lucky cat. In addition to working, I enjoy reading, playing tennis, deer hunting, snow skiing, throwing the football with my boys, Disney trips and exercise.

I finally attained freedom from debt at the age of 42. Unfortunately, most periodontists never accomplish this and retire much later in life. I continue to work for various reasons, still enjoy my work, but do plan to retire early.

To learn more about me, please navigate to My Story.

What is The Authority Practice?

TheAuthorityPractice.com was something that I’d been thinking about for many years and is a way of giving back as so MANY people have helped me get to where I am today. I could have NEVER done this alone.

The site is dedicated to the discussion of issues that many of us dental specialists are dealing with including:

  • marketing
  • sales strategies
  • case acceptance
  • personal finance
  • early retirement
  • leadership and other miscellaneous topics as I see fit

When Was The Authority Practice Idea Conceived?

The seeds for the coaching program was planted in my mind in 2013 after becoming one of the four Marketer of the Year Finalists at the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle annual Superconference (GKIC.com).

Marketer of the Year Competition (GKIC.com) Dave Dee (left) Me on the right trying to look cool with 1,000 people staring at me

Where Can You Find Jeff?

My wife, Rebekah, and oldest son, Brooks at a LSU game

I live, work, and write in Louisiana (Geaux Tigers!), trained in New Orleans (LSU) and the VA Hospital in Biloxi, MS. Most of the work is done for this site after the kiddos are tucked away in bed and on Fridays while NOT seeing patients at my modest office.

Why Was The Authority Practice Created?

I created this program to enlighten, educate, and entertain fellow dental specialists who may have similar circumstances (high debt, referrals from dentists dropping, staff issues, leadership problems, etc).

Honestly, you could do what I’ve done and spend thousands and thousands of hours (and dollars) learning about marketing, sales, customer service, leadership, etc from courses, books, websites, blogs, workshops, videos and podcasts. Or you could cut through all of the clutter and start receiving expert advice right in your inbox. Click here to get a FREE copy of “The 5 Most Critical and Costly Practice-Sabotaging Mistakes Periodontists Make… And What You Can Do to Avoid Them.”

The 5 Most Critical and Costly Practice-Sabotaging Mistakes Periodontists Make… And What You Can Do to Avoid Them

My aim is to help those who want to help themselves and share some unique insights from the perspective of a practicing specialist.

I hope to leave you informed and inspired to look at life and your practice a little differently than you might have before.

My Story

Why did I decide to start The Authority Practice site in the first place?

Good question.

The worst day of my life

I can still remember the dreaded phone call that took place in 2005 just like yesterday. Early on in my perio residency at LSU, I, Jeff Anzalone, made the decision to move back to practice in my hometown Monroe, LA. Being from there, I already knew many of the dentists in the area and also the two periodontists comprising the area’s only group practice.

The senior partner and I had talked off and on throughout my residency and he decided that I could come on board to begin as an associate and eventually, if things worked out, move up the ranks to partner.

So now I was very excited once I received the official graduation date. I was so excited that I immediately called the group to let them know not only when I’d be finishing (which was on a Saturday), but also that I was ready to start working that next Monday.

Then something strange happened. The line went silent for a very long, awkward minute. The next thing I remembered was that I received the worst news of my life (or so I thought at the time).

Plans had changed. Decisions were made. This really was NOT a good time to bring another doctor into the group. They were sorry. Click.

Sorry? Are you serious?

What about the house my wife, Rebekah, and I recently purchased on an interest-only loan? How was I going to feed my 2 month old? Oh, don’t forget about the $200,000+ student loan bill too. And quite possibly the worst part of all was that I had NO CLUE what to do. I had no earthly idea how to start a practice, file insurance, train staff, nothing.

The only thing I knew was how to fix teeth and gums. That’s it!

And now (as Paul Harvey used to say)…The rest of the story

Long story short, bad news spread quickly. A local endodontist reached out to let me know that I could rent space from him after his new remodel was completed. While waiting about ten months for the project to be completed, I had to figure out how to make ends meet. So I had to swallow my pride and go back to how I’d made a living during high school and college…cutting grass.

That’s right. I was now a yard boy (again). Quite possibly the ONLY time in history a board certified periodontist was also a yard man. But you know what? I firmly believe that things happen for a reason. And looking back, those were some extremely tough, stressful times but it made me who I am today.

I learned a lot from my endodontist friend. He was instrumental in not only teaching me the business side of dentistry but also in introducing me to his referral network of dentists.

Each year I grew the practice, but knew something seemed to be missing. Multiple so called consultants were hired, but I could never find one that truly fit with my belief system. As you know, the majority of the help that we periodontists must get are from the general dentistry world. It seemed to me that they did not have a true grasp on what a specialist really needed to be successful.

Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC.com)

Fast forward a few years later. One day, while performing an online search for marketing help, I came across a group, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle. They provide business owners success strategies through direct response marketing. I was inspired by many of the stories that I read about and started to take matters into my own hands.

Dan Kennedy, one of the original founders of the group and legendary marketer has been the single biggest influence on myself and practice hands down. I’ve read literally every book he’s written and have taken many of his courses.

Whether you are an owner, partner or associate, his book “The Ultimate Marketing Plan” is a must read as more and more periodontists are having to now learn and utilize external marketing to keep their practice afloat.

Marketer of the Year

In 2013, I decided to take what I had learned and utilized in my practice from GKIC and apply for their coveted Marketer of the Year at the annual GKIC SuperConference. I was one of the lucky four that was chosen out of hundreds of applicants.

Presenting my story during the event was not only exciting, but also a bit scary. I had never been onstage looking out at over 1,000 people before. I was used to speaking to smaller groups of about 50-60 people so needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed.

On stage, I shared my story with the audience about how I went from thinking I was going to practice ONLY as a periodontist for thirty years and retire into now, an entrepreneur with desires to take what I had learned and share them with other specialists around the country. Without GKIC, I never would have transformed my start up practice into what it is now and become an author and sought after speaker.

At the time, I wasn’t so much concerned with winning or losing as all four finalists were able to spend a weekend at Disney with Dan Kennedy in a mastermind setting. There’s nothing like learning from the master.

The Authority Practice Was Born

I was fortunate enough to share some of my secrets of success to the core members of the invitation-only North American Society of Periodontists (NASP) mastermind group several years ago. This group is consisted of the top periodontists across the country.

It was a very humbling experience to have them ask me questions/advice about how I had gone from starting a practice from scratch, to becoming an author of four books, speaker, and Marketer of the Year in such a short amount of time.

Some of the core group even wanted me to do some marketing implementation for their own practices!

This got me thinking. Why not put together a program for other specialists consisting of everything I had learned from not only GKIC, but also the other many resources I had studied?

Alas, The Authority Practice site was born. Depending on what level of learning is a fit for you, I’ve developed three levels (Gold, Diamond and Platinum).

You can learn more about the different levels of coaching here.

I hope you choose to not only transform your practice, but also transform you life as I’ve done.